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I want to send a xbox 360 audio visual signal
from one room to another rather than move all the stuff everytime i change room etc.

i know you can send your dvd and tv signal wireless with audio and video but what about the game console?

also any ideas on a 360 wireless controller signal booster?

please advise

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Sky December 15, 2009 at 1:36 pm

as far as the controller signal boost i have not found one that actually works but im curious to why you need a signal boost i have a HUGE HOUSE and i can walk from one end to the house to get a drink and back even walk outside and still talk over my headset thru the controller

and the second question i have heard you can find websites were u can do signal hosting for xbox 360 (wireless tv adapters basicly with a fancy name) but there over priced and most of them **** and have lag and glitches i would just order a bigger cable if u had to you will get the same quality and pay ALOT less

hope this helps a little

these are just small things i looked up in the past too things might have changed a bit best bet go into your local play and trade or gamestop and ask them for help

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