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Wireless Signal Booster

wireless signal boosters?

December 7, 2009

I want to buy a wireless signal booster for my cell phone. its a treo 650 and its unlocked . i have very bad signal in my house and get a lot of dropped calls. I am talking about those little stickers that come out on TV and they have them at Fry’s Electronics and [...]


i just moved to a crappy *** apartment and it would be SO much better if i didnt have to go outside and walk around to obtain a wireless signal. there is a fast food restaurant nearby that i can get a very weak signal from if i can sit on top of my dryer [...]


I am living in an RV park for 2 months, the place has a wireless connection but my trailer somehow cuts the signal back, is there anyway i can put a receiver outside and run a cable to the inside? or can anyone thing of another solution? Thanks a lot.


I need to find a wireless signal booster device which can receive signals from long distances. If there is any model u can refer me to please let me know. I dnt want to try the cheap wifi tricks.
thanx in advance


Wireless signal booster?

November 18, 2009

I have a wireless router in my house and for reasons i wont go into i cannot move it from its current location.
My laptop and my PS3 run off it but only pick up a signal of around 35% strength max as its not very close to the router.
Is their any device that can be [...]


I looked online and have no idea which one to get. I own a apple macbook and a older PC. Is there like a signal booster with a USB plug in that would work with both? Let me know, as this is sort of important to me

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