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i live in a guesthouse behind the main house. we had cable, but we had to pay for service inside the house and the guesthouse. we switched to dsl and now pay for just one service inside the house. we set up the wireless router in the main house and my laptop [...]


Is it possible to buy a Booster strong enough to receive a wireless internet signal from one house over. Which booster is the best?


Just moved into my house, want to share my neighbors wifi signal from his house which is about 6 houses down (he knows about this) , is there a signal booster or something that will help me pick up his internet signal ? what do i need ??
i have wireless cards on my laptop and [...]


Im sure each model is different but do you have any comparisons or even an example with how far away they pick up signals.
humm that’s not as far as I was hoping


And if you know a good one where can I get it?
It’s actually the USB Internet one. So if you know where I can get a booster for that that’d be great

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