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I have a laptop with an integrated wireless card and the signal is not bad, Im just looking for a way to boost it. One of my friends told me he used tin foil and something else to create his own wireless signal apmlifier/booster. He said this really helped his signal. Anybody have any [...]


right now im picking up signals, but they are very weak, what can i do or buy to make my range bigger. i need to be able to pick up a wireless router or signal from father away. i really dont know alot about this.


Wireless signal booster?

November 18, 2009

I have a wireless router in my house and for reasons i wont go into i cannot move it from its current location.
My laptop and my PS3 run off it but only pick up a signal of around 35% strength max as its not very close to the router.
Is their any device that can be [...]